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Relationships require effective communication, time, energy, and love.  In working with couples, together we uncover patterns that may be causing discord, and discover ways to address relationship issues and conflict in an effective way.

Relational strain can occur in even the strongest of partnerships.  Couples therapy provides clients the opportunity to explore their unit and individual selves within a safe space free of judgement.  During this process, one can gain a deeper understanding of desires, hopes and experiences. Revitalization of connection, trust, growth, and healthy sexuality can emerge when both work as a team do the work that is needed.

I work collaboratively with couples to identify strengths and relational challenges, with the aim of enhancing communication and connection, building intimacy, and improving conflict resolution. All types of relationship structures, including monogamous, non-monogamous, LBTQIA+ and polyamorous relationships are welcome.


Make the commitment to revitalize your relationship today!


Common issues/concerns addressed in couples counseling:


Communication concerns

Trust and boundaries

Consensual Non-Monogamy

Conflict resolution

Parenting/blended families

Sex and Intimacy

Financial Issues


Clarifying goals and values

Commitment questions/concerns

Revitalizing committed relationships

Premarital concerns

Life transitions (health, career, finances, etc.)

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