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Individual counseling is an opportunity for you to take “time” for yourself.  It is your time to explore, process, feel, resolve, and release.  During this time together, we will create a vision for your goals and a plan to achieve them while honoring your beliefs, values, and perspective. 


Individual therapy allows the therapist and client to focus on each other, building a rapport and working together to solve the client's issue.  Each person’s story is different and shaped by past and present experiences.  Ultimately, the goal of individual therapy is to develop effective coping skills, improve your emotional state, interrupt unhealthy behaviors and narratives, and work towards overall wellness and self-actualization.  Change can occur in a reassuring, compassionate and understanding environment.


Authentic living and wholeness are within your grasp!


Common issues/concerns addressed in individual counseling:




Grief & loss

Communication skills

Body image issues

Stress and anxiety


Body Image

Anger and conflict

Relationship issues

Divorce issues and recovery

Identifying Emotions

Trauma recovery

Life Transitions

Sexual, physical, and emotional abuse

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