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The goal of sex therapy is to help clients move past physical and emotional challenges to have satisfying relationships and pleasurable sex lives.  Sex therapy may be able to help you reframe your sexual challenges as well as working toward the sexual experiences and fulfillment that you desire.


As a sex positive therapist, I view sexuality as something that can be valued and celebrated.  Each person’s preferences are regarded as their own personal choice, without judgment.  I specialize in treating sexual concerns, inclusive of gender-expansive and cis-gendered persons.  Whether clients are exploring their sexual and/or gender identity, experiencing dissatisfaction in their sex lives, or would like to learn how to reconnect with their partner(s), sex therapy allows for the opportunity to explore sexuality openly, without shame and with empowerment! 



Common concerns/topics addressed in Sex Therapy:


Sexual Health/Education



Sexual and/or Gender Identity Exploration

Liberation and sexuality

Consensual Non-Monogamy

Low Sexual Desire

Pleasure & Desire Exploration



Sexless Relationships

Sexual trauma recovery

Sexual Anxiety

Sexual Function & Dysfunction

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